Happiness Podcast to Enhance Your Listening Skills


Are you ready for some listening practice? Today we share with you an inspiring TED talk from Dan Gilbert, a Harvard psychologist, who believes that humans synthesize happiness instead of finding it. In his own words “Human beings have something that we might think of as a psychological immune system. A system of cognitive processes, largely non-conscious cognitive processes, that help them change their views of the world so that they can feel better about the worlds in which they find themselves.”

You will find the link to the podcast below. Our advice is to listen to this podcast without looking at the screen: just minimize the window and hear it through your speakers. Remember that in the actual exam, you are supposed to hear the audio only once, so this is what you should also do while you practice. Make sure that you listen to this podcast in a quiet environment, in order to minimize any noise interference.

Listen to the audio here:


Then, try answering the following questions:

1. What is natural happiness?
2. When does the psychological immune system work best?
3. What happens when our fears are bounded?

If you are having trouble understanding the content properly, you can either enable the English subtitles or read the transcript.

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