IELTS Topic – Health, Medicines, Illnesses

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Let’s discuss another important topic which will be very useful if you want to #scorehigh in #IELTS – health. In terms of lexis, this topic incorporates a lot of useful terms and words which can also be used when talking about food, diet, and even sports. So let’s get started!


  • eye drops – a liquid substance used for eye treatment
  • syringe – a device made of a hollow tube and a needle that is used to force fluids into or take fluids out of the body
  • pill – a small, rounded object that you swallow and that contains medicine, vitamins, etc.
  • a dose of medicine – a dose of a substance that is used in treating disease or relieving pain and that is usually in the form of a pill or a liquid
  • shot/injection – the act or process of forcing (injecting) a liquid medicine or drug into someone or something by using a special needle
  • painkiller – a drug that decreases or removes the pain that you feel in your body


  • Asthma – a physical condition that makes it difficult for someone to breathe
  • bronchitis – an illness in which your bronchial tubes become sore or damaged and you cough a lot
  • cancer – a serious disease caused by cells that are not normal and that can spread to one or many parts of the body
  • cold – a common illness that affects the nose, throat, and eyes and that usually causes coughing, sneezing, etc.
  • flu (influenza) – a common disease that is caused by a virus and that causes fever, weakness, body aches, and breathing problems
  • cough – a physical condition or illness that causes someone to cough;
  • diabetes – a serious disease in which the body cannot properly control the amount of sugar in your blood because it does not have enough insulin
  • disease – an illness that affects a person, animal, or plant: a condition that prevents the body or mind from working normally
  • fatigue – the state of being very tired: extreme weariness
  • food poisoning – sickness caused by bacteria or chemicals in food
  • cuts – a wound on a person’s body that is made by something sharp
  • bruises – a dark and painful area on your skin that is caused by an injury

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